I am a videographer and filmmaker

I graduated the University of Southern California as a Renaissance Scholar with a BA in Cinematography and a BA in Religion.  I set out initially as a documentary filmmaker and the Religion degree helped open deeper cultural understanding most everywhere I went.  I later got into producing short films, putting on sold-out short film festivals in Los Angeles, and producing/stage managing live shows that incorporated film, drama, spoken word, music, and more.  When I moved to Seattle I started creating short videos on the side for businesses and artists literally using my Flip camera and/or cell phone footage from my clients that they wanted me to pull together for promotion and marketing.  Though production quality can be hugely beneficial — nothing beats good STORY. 

A couple of recent and older videos using my Flip, cell phones, and digital Panasonics:

Annual Short Film Festival I Co-Produced in Los Angeles with an amazing team

MOLAFF 2008.jpg
Gabriel Lawrence Cress and Demore.jpg
interviews at MOLAFF.jpg

(Motions by Tim Wood)

MOLAFF 2008 poster.jpg
MOLAFF 2009 poster.jpg
Scott Byrnns at MOLAFF.jpg
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2009 MOLAFF stage shot.jpg